With a Little Help from My Friends…

Hello Friends,

It’s Self-promotion Month! I didn’t make that up, but I wish I had. I’m trying to control my urge to self-promote because I missed “Shameless” Promotion Month. There’s a fine line between self-promotion and shameless self-promotion; you’ll have to let me know how I do.

My external editors are unavailable right now, so I’m relying on my internal editor and going with my first draft. The lower case “I’s” are intentional, if you find glaring errors in grammar, content, or spelling, though, please let me know.

Posting without editing is not my usual process, but I’m considering the “i’s” dotted well enough. If you’d like to know what that means, check out the “i specialist” blog next week. This week’s blog posts on all my blogs will provide useful information on incorporating Self-promotion Month into your marketing plan. You’ll find the URLs in the sidebar. Be sure to check in.

Well, enough explanation…let’s get to it!


If you need an idea, I’ll come up with one. If you have an inkling, I’ll help you flesh out the details. If you have an idea, I’ll help you with whatever steps are necessary to bring it into being.


I’m an idea person. Even better than that, I’m a creator. I can come up with an idea and make it a reality. I’m a whiz with a pen, a paintbrush, a sewing machine, a stapler, and a glue gun.

I’m a master of illusion. I can create something from nothing. I can turn something into something else. Blank paper becomes blog post, marketing copy, or some other illustration at my command. If you need a more physical illustration, I can do that, too, with construction paper, cardboard, and string if necessary. I can achieve the desired effect on a shoestring – and have a great time in the process.


I get the job done. I do work that I love and I’m willing to put in the time and effort to make each project a masterpiece. My ego doesn’t prevent me from wearing whatever hat or hats need to be worn to complete a project I’m committed to whether that means creating, planning, supervising, doing what needs to be done, or cleaning up afterward.


My brother tells me that I shouldn’t use the word “investment” because people will think I’m giving stock advice. My money says you’re smart enough to know that I mean commitment, time, and caring.

I take a personal interest in every person and project I commit to. I really care – and not just about how much helping someone can help me, or how
I might benefit in the future. I invest in my work.


I don’t know how much description I need here. I practice personal and professional integrity. I won’t lie to, for, or about people or projects I’m involved with. I don’t steal – money, clients, ideas…or anything else.

I’m a firm believer in discretion. I guard all personal and business information as though it were my own. I don’t share information about a person, project, or product unless the job calls for it.


I collect information. If you need information about a business idea, career choice, or almost anything else (sports and politics…not so much), I’ve got you covered. If I don’t have what you need, I know where to find it. Beyond that, I know how to process what I find and give it to you in a form that you can use.


Do-it-yourselfers are welcome! If your spirit (or your budget) leads you to do things instead of having things done, I’m happy to work with you. You don’t need to wade through a lot of information and try to figure things out alone. Step by step, from idea-storm through implementation, I can provide as much or as little help as you need.


This is an overview of my business and of my character. I have a couple of reasons for letting you know all about me: self-promotion and promotion.


If you’re trying to build or market an owner-run small business, I would like for you to contact me.

If you’re trying to market yourself into a new job, or your company into a new employee, I’d like for you to contact me.

If you know anyone who needs marketing help, I’d like for you to contact me.

If you were ever in a job situation that didn’t fit and you’d like to share your story, I’d like for you to contact me.

If you’re tall, male, and single…just checking to see if you’re still with me (that’s a different web site).

Request for Help (Promotion)

The second reason I’m glad you stuck around this long is that I need your help. I’m not asking you to lie or to wax poetic, but if you have seen evidence of any of the work or character traits I’ve described or any I’ve forgotten, please take a moment and write a recommendation for me. You’ll find my LinkedIn profile here. If you’d prefer to recommend me in another manner, please leave a comment or contact me.

Self-promotion can only take me so far. Care to help me take the next step?