DON’T! – 4 Tips for Building Your Business

The inauguration of President Barack Obama and Vice-president Joe Biden is still in the news. People are still discussing the speeches, the parade, the balls, the fashion, and everything else inaugural. In one breath folks are describing the gown Michelle Obama wore to inaugural balls and in the next breath they’re describing the work that President Obama needs to do now…starting yesterday…or preferably the day before.

In the middle of all the Obama hoopla, I’m quietly interjecting my own news…
I’m preparing for my own inauguration! Well, I’m hyped about the inaugural posts of my new blog theme and my new web site. I’m not sure when they’re going to be ready for the public but I’ve seen them and I’m excited!

Is that the end of the post?

Well…that’s all I had to say. I just really had to let you know that I am just days (I can’t contemplate weeks) away from doing my “New Look” Happy Dance. Believe it or not, though, there are a some ideas in this brief post that may have relevance to your business.

4 Tips

1. Don’t let your blog or any marketing lapse while you’re waiting for the next part to be ready. No matter what you’re going to do “when…”, don’t put your life, your business, your marketing, or your whatever on hold until the when becomes now. You may infer from the time since my last post that I am speaking from experience on this one. Note the good example, though — my new blog theme will have current blog posts because I started now.

2. Don’t do it if you’re not passionate about it. If you’re not excited about what you’re doing, if might be time to think about doing something else. My new web site design tickles me pink…and green…and purple…. You get the idea. I’m a writer, not a designer so I’m learning a lot about the little things that make a difference. Column width and theme-stuff doesn’t really do anything for me (my designer basically starts each meeting with a refresher on what I need to know to make decisions — I just don’t retain that stuff), but the overall look of the project thrills me. If your web site, blog, product, or service doesn’t excite you, how will you get someone else excited or even interested?

3. Don’t worry about sharing your mistakes (within reason). Even experts make mistakes. If your missteps can save someone else the trip, share what you did (and what you should have done). I’m not saying that you should stand before the world and tell them you’re totally clueless. I am saying that people generally relate to people who admit mistakes and learn from them (and that’s not just wishful thinking). If even the productivity guy (Dave Navarro) can admit to being less than productive, I can expose a few things I haven’t done to perfection. That goes for you, too.

4. Don’t think your ideas are the only ones that matter. Somebody, somewhere is discussing, selling, or giving away something that may be relevant to your customers (or your readers). If you’ve got that information, share it. You may not be thanked (or remembered) for it, but you’ll know you did it.

These tips fall on the negative side instead of focusing on the positive side as suggested by Chris Brogan in his post on 12 Things to Stop Doing in 2009. I just went back to re-read that post to find out if he’d used a specific term for “the positive side” (I read this post in December, details escape me). What I found is that either we think alike; I subconsciously co-opted some of his ideas; or he reads my mind. I’m not sure which of those realities should frighten me more.

So, do you see the relevance? Have anything to add? Think I’m out in left field? Let me know (please).

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