You Deserve a Break Today….

Here’s a quick tip. When you take a break, get away from your business. If you eat, drink and breathe your business every waking hour, you’re likely to get sick of it. Get out during the day. Generally speaking, the State of California mandates a 10 minute break for every 4 hours worked, as well as a 30 minute lunch hour if you work 6 hours a day (and that’s not taking a bite of whatever you can eat while you continue to work). You’re the boss. You decided that being the boss trumped being an employee. You’re also your own employee, if you can wrap your head around that one. Don’t let the boss abuse you. Demand your rights!

Taking breaks won’t cost any valuable time if you just make a habit of paying attention to the world around you during your off hours (Thinking isn’t really work, is it?). When you assume the couch potato position, for example, really tune in. Pick a channel that airs programs aimed at your target market and check out the shows. Take a look at the commercials – local and national – and analyze what you see. If a commercial impresses you, figure out why and what you can use from that to build your own publicity. If you’re running TV commercials, watch them objectively during the shows. Do they fit with the other ads running during the same time frame? Are they running during the best time to reach your target market?

This quick tip was sponsored by two local commercials I’ve been seeing recently. The products are similar, but the ads…. Let’s just say that one looks good and gets the product line across, and the other one makes me crazy.

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